The world is beset by CoViD-19 pandemic. In this current situation wherein most business establishments and institutions including schools are experiencing lockdowns and quarantines, different measures are being undertaken in order to continue working and supplement functions and responsibilities. Thus, utilizing video conferencing tools is now a must in this global shift to the “new normal”.
One of the challenges that the College has to respond is the utilization of flexible learning (CHED) and/or blended learning (DepEd). Hence, ASCOT’s Information Communication and Technology Center (ICTC) together with its Extension and Training Office, spearheaded the conduct of a training on E-Learning using Zoom Application for all ASCOT faculty and staff. The activity aims to equip participants with technical know-how and expertise in the use of online Zoom Application for conducting meetings, lectures and classes in preparation for the “new normal” set up.

The said training is scheduled on May 20 to June 5, 2020 at the three campuses of ASCOT. Training for faculty and staff of Zabali Campus started on May 20 until June 1, 2020; June 2, 2020 for Bazal Campus; while Casiguran Campus is on June 4-5, 2020. The expertise of the following resource persons is being employed: Godfrey B. Gudoy, Director for ICTC; Mike M. Robles, ICTC Staff; and Casper Jay T. Ortiz, ICTC Staff; while the Director for Extension and Training Office, Ricardo G. Gonzales, Jr., acts as Facilitator of the training.

In order to accommodate all the faculty and staff, the seminar is scheduled on a daily basis having a maximum of ten participants in every morning and afternoon session. With the limited number of participants, it is able to abide by the rule of safe physical distancing inside the venue.

According to ASCOT President, Eutiquio L. Rotaquio Jr., it is expected that the training on Zoom Application will be utilized as platform starting 1st Semester of SY 2020-2021 whether the GCQ will be lifted or not. In relation to this, ASCOT is also currently undertaking the upgrading of its Wi-Fi connections through the DICT to ensure the provision of a more efficient and effective information and communications system.

-Araceli Bitancor