The Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT, through the initiative of the Public Information, Publication, and Data Protection Office (PIPDPO) conducted a two-day Gender-Based Approach Web and GAD Database Deployment Training for the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Dilasag held at the town’s Municipal Library, January 25-26.

The said Training-Workshop aims to improve more and upgrade the information dissemination strategies of the different offices and units of the town’s municipal government and also for the whole Dilasag through the creation and development of their own department and unit webpages with the use of WordPress – a free and open-source content management system used by experts in making webpages for different purposes such as for education, business, entertainment, etc.

After discussing to the participants the necessary knowledge and principles together with some tips and techniques, the resource speakers – Mr. Eliseo Joseph M. Nakar and Mr. Sherwin B. Glorioso, faculty members from the Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) facilitated a laboratory exercise wherein the participants applied what they had learned from the discussion. Their output for the said Training-Workshop will be the web pages of each participating office and unit.

The content of their web pages includes different information about them like their programs, past and incoming activities, mission, vision, goals, and objectives, memorandum, letters, photos, and many more that will surely help their target audience know more about what each office and unit can offer.

The two-day Training-Workshop concluded with the presentation of each participant’s outputs. With this activity and initiative, the Municipal Government of Dilasag and its offices and units will be able to upgrade its information dissemination strategies to their constituents, clients, and other stakeholders by conquering the online world, which is a very useful medium, together with the social media that will be beneficial for a large number of people especially those who have access to the Internet.