As part of the rehabilitation and improvement of the Farmer’s Training Center of ASCOT, College President Dr. Eutiquio L. Rotaquio is now focusing on the land preparation for Rice Production and Area preparation for fishpond at ASCOT FTC Campus Dibet, Casiguran, Aurora that will serves as another Income Generating Project, Extension Activities, Trainings, Agricultural Activities and instructional purposes for the following school years. It was supervised and managed by Ms. Mancy Lota, Campus Administrator of Casiguran Campus and Mr. Maximo Marte Jr., and together with 13 Fishery practicum students

The Farmers’ Training Center (FTC) formerly known as Aurora Integrated Area Development Project Farmers’ Training Center (AIADP-FTC) of ASCOT which is 4.3 hectares including all other facilities were donated by AIADP to ASCOT in 1999 duly signed by Mr. ROGELIO B. MARZAN and JOHN E. RICE, Project Co-Directors of Aurora Integrated Area Development Project Phase 2 during that time has been, for a long time, idle and on the process of wearing down but through the initiative and continuous effort of the President Rotaquio, Jr., it has undergone rehabilitation and improvement an one of these are the land preparation for Rice Production and Area preparation for fishpond.

Now that the ASCOT-FTC is now back to its operation, President Rotaquio is also planning to make the FTC a Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA) that aims to educate people about agricultural technologies in general, and specifically provide educational and entertaining programs and materials to students, parents and the interested general public.