February 28, 2024- Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) School of Education holds the Trailblazing Educ Camp with the theme “A world of learning beyond the classroom.”, at ASCOT Zabali Campus.

The program kicked off with opening remarks from Dr. Rowel G. Olila, the Dean of the ASCOT School of Education. He said, “I am always proud of you, education students.” He emphasized that “learning does not always happen in the four walls of the classroom; this camp is an opportunity for all of you to learn and explore outside the classroom.”

Mayreen V. Amazona, DIT, delivered a message on behalf of Dr. Ma. Luz F. Cabatan, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “During this camp, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow students and discover new ways to make a positive impact in the field of education. We encourage you to embrace the spirit of innovation, challenge traditional practices, and think outside the box to create meaningful change,” she said.

ASCOT President Renato G. Reyes shared, “Educators are innovators; an excellent teacher is a luminous person who can transform a nobody into somebody; ang challenge ay paano ma transform ang mga taong walang alam sa pagiging may alam.” He also encouraged everyone to enjoy the activities.

The event also featured lively yell presentations from each team. Leomar O. Tadeo, President of the Teacher Education Student’s Organization (TESO), guided everyone through the week-long activities with enthusiasm.
Ma. Luisa Jacinto, adviser of TESO, delivered a closing message filled with gratitude and encouragement, emphasizing the value of collaboration and lifelong learning.

For the three-day activity, participants engaged in various activities, including flag making and presentation, team building and games, seminar and workshop, pageant and skit, praise and worship, awarding, raffle, and socialization night.

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