After an incredible 39 years of dedicated government service and an impressive 28-year journey at Aurora State College of Technology, it’s with both joy and a hint of sadness that we bid a heartfelt farewell to our esteemed colleague, Rufina I. Talavera. Throughout her tenure, she has worn multiple hats, serving as a devoted college professor, former Director of ASCOT- Arts and Sciences department, and Principal of ASCOT Senior High School program. Her influence on countless lives is nothing short of remarkable.

To her colleagues, she wasn’t just a mentor and consultant; she became a beloved partner in our work. We can’t help but look back fondly on those moments when she graciously provided feedback on the dress code and punctuality, ensuring that professionalism and excellence permeated throughout our faculty.

Beyond her official roles, Ma’am Fannie, as we fondly call her, brought her own brand of charm and passion to the college. We’ll never forget the joy she found in coaching pageants, where she transformed into an all-in-one team: makeup artist, stylist, and more. Seeing her celebrate their victories with unbridled enthusiasm was infectious.

But let’s not forget that amidst her remarkable career, Ma’am Fannie is a loving mother of six wonderful children. Despite her busy schedule, she selflessly sacrificed quality time to support and guide each of them through their assignments and lessons, showing the same dedication she displayed in her professional life.

As Ma’am Fannie embarks on this new chapter in life, we want to send her warm wishes for a fulfilling retirement. Your legacy and impact will forever be etched in the hearts of ASCOT and beyond. Thank you, Ma’am Fannie, for your incredible contributions that have shaped the lives of so many. Now, it’s time to enjoy every precious moment with your loved ones! May this new journey be filled with happiness, relaxation, and endless joy!