8 New Foresters from ASCOT
8 New Foresters from ASCOT

Eight ASCOT alumni passed the Forester Licensure Examination, held July 14 and 15, 2013.

The results were released two days after the examination. ASCOT had a performance rate of 15.69%.

This year’s rate was much higher than last year by 3.19 %. ASCOT also had the highest number of examinees in the country with a total of 51, including 44 first timers and 7 repeaters.

According to DFES Director For. RB J. Gallego, he was expecting a higher performance rate, but nonetheless he is still happy and congratulates the passers. He also added that ASCOT examinees will do better next year and will aim for a higher performance rate.

The eight new Foresters from ASCOT include, John Eric Aliwak, Camille Bautista, Aida Gagaza, Joel Galamgam, Ezra Jane Gonzales, Geoffrey Librero, Jaizel Ann Mateo and Jennifer Morada. (KTOlivar)