In a collaborative effort to support the communities of Casiguran and Aurora, the Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT), through its School of Agriculture and Aquatic Sciences (SAAS), led a comprehensive training session titled “A Catch Worth Opening: Training on Processing Bottled Sardines in Tomato Sauce.” Held on February 6, 2024, at ASCOT Casiguran Campus, the event aimed at strengthening participants’ expertise in fishery preservation and minimizing post-harvest losses.

Mr. Alberto Villoria, Jr., Extension Coordinator, conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to all participants, with special mention to the Dibet Women’s Club, for their enthusiastic participation. He also acknowledged the collaborative effort with DA-ATI in orchestrating the activity, emphasizing the crucial importance of enhancing local knowledge in post-harvest production and processing to address challenges within the fisheries sector.

Following Mr. Villoria’s inspiring remarks, Mr. Noriel Barangan, ASCOT Campus Administrator, extended gratitude to the participants for their support of the campus’s extension initiatives.

ASCOT instructor Ms. Rachel F. Bobes went into extensive detail about the ins and outs of post-harvest fisheries, explaining different ways to handle, process, and market aquatic goods. She stressed how important processing technology is for keeping food from going to waste and went into more detail about how to make canned bangus in tomato sauce.
Conducting hands-on sessions were faculty members, Ms. Angelica A. Belga and Ms. Andrea Galamgam, where each participant had the opportunity to produce one bottle of bangus. An interactive forum provided a platform for participants to pose queries and offer insights.

Certificates of participation were distributed to attendees, resource speakers, and facilitators during the closing ceremony. Substantial feedback from organizational representatives and the Barangay Local Government Unit (BLGU) highlighted the significance of applying the skills acquired during the training.

Mr. Marco F. De Guzman, Program Chairperson of BS Fisheries, underscored the imperative of implementing acquired knowledge, emphasizing its role in gauging the efficacy of extension activities.

The event concluded with a firm commitment to strengthening local fisheries and enhancing the competitiveness of fishery products in the region.

Article contributor: Mr. Alberto Villoria, Jr.

Photo credits to the Ascot- School of Agriculture and Aquatic Sciences

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