February 21, 2024- The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Provincial Director, Aldrin Veneracion visited the President of Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) to discuss fostering entrepreneurial mindsets among students.

The meeting focused on potential collaborations to nurture entrepreneurial spirit and promote innovation among ASCOT students. Various strategies and programs, including mentorship sessions and workshops, were discussed to equip students with the skills and resources needed for entrepreneurship.

ASCOT President Renato G. Reyes, PhD, welcomed the DTI representatives warmly and expressed enthusiasm for the collaborations. He emphasized the importance of instilling entrepreneurial mindsets in students, highlighting the value of “earning while learning” and the need for students to learn how to establish and manage businesses.

The collaboration between ASCOT and DTI offers promising opportunities for students interested in entrepreneurship. Through joint efforts, students will gain access to mentorship, networking opportunities, and funding support to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations.

DTI’s Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP) has already begun collaborating with ASCOT, with ASCOT students’ vermicomposting organic fertilizer project becoming part of the Income Generating Project (IGP) of the school and the students involved.
The ASCOT community eagerly looks forward to the opportunities that will arise from this partnership.

In the photo with Pres. Reyes: From ASCOT are the VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ma Luz F. Cabatan, and Director for IGP and Auxiliary Services, Dr. Jonah Zante. From DTI are PD Aldrin M. Veneracion and Trade Industry Development Specialist- CARP Mr. Johnsen V. Javar