2014 ASCOT Foresters
2014 ASCOT Foresters
The College congratulates the 14 new Foresters from ASCOT produced from the recently conducted Forester Licensure Examination given by the Board for Foresters in Manila and Davao held last July 14 and 15, 2014.

ASCOT had a performance rate of 20.59%, 4.9% higher compared to the last year’s passing percentage. Also, ASCOT is one of the Colleges with the highest number of examinees in the country with a total of 68 examinees, including 52 first timers and 16 repeaters.

Kudos to the new Foresters!

  1. Agbayani, Merlita Tapel
  2. Aragon, Mary Jane Pasinabao
  3. Bajas, Winsor Milan
  4. Cayme, Rose Faith Gatchalian
  5. Dakitan, Marites Cas
  6. Hunat, Raquel Gatchalian
  7. Macatiag, Shiela Galban
  8. Nanglegan, Olivia Pagat
  9. Panlilio, Mery Ann Villanueva
  10. Parian, Kriskim Curitana
  11. Pascasio, Danilo Abendano
  12. Silvestre, Kirstine Visco
  13. Tamayo, Danilo Jr. Halili
  14. Valenzuela, Merry Joy Mojica