The Academic Departments of the College in collaboration with their respective student organizations, hosted series of sports and team building activities that was designed to foster stronger relationship and cohesiveness through providing wholesome sports activities for recreation and relaxation from strenuous school work.

ASCOTIANS participating in different sports and team building activities.
ASCOTIANS participating in different sports and team building activities.

The Organization of BIT Students (ORBITS) spearheaded the Department’s Team Building and Sports Fest activity last July 28-30, 2016 with the theme, “Excellence is not a skill! We are what we repeatedly do; Excellence then is not an act but a Habit”. BIT students actively participated in a series of team-building and sports activities facilitated by the 56Infantry Battalion, Phil. Army. On the other hand, the Teacher Education Department made their Teacher Education Peace Camp 2016 a bit extraordinary by means of holding it in Dinadiawan, Dipaculao, Aurora from August 4-6, 2016. The future Educators dynamically partook in the different activities prepared for the camp.

With the theme, “Climate Change at Pagsasaka: Kabataan may Magagawa”, the Department of Agriculture and Aquatic Sciences in partnership with the Agriculture Student’s Society also hold their Agriculture Days last August 4-6, 2016. The three-day activity included skills competition, friendly games and their annual search for Mr. and Ms. Agriculture. To make the celebration more informative and collaborative, the Department also invited Alumni to share their experiences and inspire the future Agriculturist during their closing dinner and dance party.

Subsequently, the Department of Information Technology and the Department of Engineering conducted their Sports Festival and Team Building last August 7-9 and August 11-13 respectively. The activities included friendly games between the different teams from the different year levels aiming to build a strong bond and cohesion as a group. It also served as the team training for the incoming College Intramurals.

The ASCOT Casiguran Campus also celebrated their Fisheries Days 2016 last August 11 -13, 2016 with the theme, “Creating Success and Innovation through Fisheries Conservation”. Various skills competition such as the innovative cooking contest and friendly games was also conducted during the three-day activity. The 16th Annual Forestry Week Celebration with the theme, “Preparing Forestry Students in Meeting Global Environmental Challenges” was conducted last August 11-14, 2016. The event featured the Department’s annual activities such as the quiz bee, variety show with the alumni, palarong panlahi and mountaineering.

Engaging in activities as such provide opportunities for student personal development through leadership, diversity and teamwork.