Institutional performance rating above the national passing average was posted for the Aurora State College of Technology in the result of the September 2016 Registered Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination and Registered Master Electrician Licensure Examination administered last September 2-3, and September 4 respectively.

Eleven out of the twelve first time takers (91.67%) and four among the eight repeaters (50%) successfully passed the Registered Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination giving ASCOT an overall performance rating of 75%, a rating higher compared to the 68% national passing average.

Moreover, five of the seven first timers (71.43%) and two repeaters (100%) also passed the Registered Master Electrician Licensure Examination giving the College a performance rating of 77.78% against the national passing rate of 68%.

Furthermore, five of the fifteen new Electrical Engineers also managed to acquire their Registered Master Electrician license.

Kudos to the new Electrical Engineers and Registered Master Electricians from ASCOT!
1. Engr. Marvin Soriano Baysa *
2. Engr. Honey Lette Domingo Caballes
3. Engr. Marah Angela Espiritu Diaz
4. Engr. Rozz Catipon Felix *
5. Engr. Jandle Rotas Lumasac
6. Engr. Miracle Joy Nacion Monje
7. Engr. Romnick Esbeg Navarro
8. Engr. Raycie Cruz Payac
9. Engr. John Miko Valle Vallejo
10. Engr. Deesa Faye Bihasa Villaflor *
11. Engr. Jeryco Luar Virrey
12. Engr. Ezra Paul Geneta Calonge
13. Engr. Kelvin Owen Leander Justo *
14. Engr. Alvin De Vera Malate
15. Engr. John Marlo Julio Masibay *

1. Remilben Joseph Guerrero Hulipas, RME
2. Gino Baoy Pontanares, RME