Exciting news ahed: ASCOT is teaming up with the DA-Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) to showcase our commitment to community engagement and the positive impact we can make together.

“One exciting initiative is the creation of a swine production model. We’re taking proactive steps to safeguard our swine population against African swine fever by submitting a letter to ATI for a swine multiplier project. Additionally, ASCOT is ready to provide a pool of experts to support ATI’s endeavors.” President Renato Reyes made this commitment during their visit to his office.

In the picture with ASCOT President Reyes are Ma Luz F. Cabatan, PhD (VP for Academic Affairs), Joseph T. Gonzales (Board Secretary V), Rick G.Gonzales, PhD (Extension Director) and DA-ATI RTC-3 Representatives headed by Jayvee Bryan G. Carillo, PhD (Assistant Center Director/TCS I), Jayson S. Baldoz (Technical Support Staff IV), Jasyon B. Nidua (Development Management Officer I), and Freyalyn V. Atienza (Administrative Support Staff III). Reinalyn C. Gulen (Agriculturist II) Joan P. Su-Ay (Project Evaluation Officer I)