In a forward-looking discussion centered on future inventions and sustainable solutions, ASCOT President Reyes extended a warm welcome to DOST -III Regional Director Julius Ceasar V. Sicat , February 15, 2024. RD Sicat pledged financial support for pioneering projects aimed at harnessing Aurora’s potential.

The commitment encompasses funding for initiatives spanning solar stills, salt, air, and fuel replacement via solar heat technologies. These endeavors hold promise for advancing renewable energy sources and addressing pressing environmental concerns. RD Sicat also emphasized the importance of studies geared towards benefiting indigenous communities, highlighting a commitment to inclusive development.

In tandem with RD Sicat’s announcement, Pres. Reyes and VPAPF Engr. Oscar S. Barawid, PhD shared that a funding proposal is on deck.

Accompanying Director Sicat were Provincial Director Maricel M. Sicat, Maria Ana A. Espiritu, SSRS, and Regine R. Maines, SRS-1, both representing DOST-PSTO.

Their presence underscores collaborative efforts to drive innovation and foster sustainable growth, in Aurora’s journey towards a brighter, more resilient future.