The Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) took an active role in advancing quality education by participating in the Accreditor’s S.A.M.A.H.A.N. event at SMX Convention Hall from November 21–23, 2023. Dr. RB J. Gallego, VP for Academic Affairs, and Forester Michelle A. Resueño, VP for Admin, Planning, and Finance, led the delegation.

ASCOT’s Annie R. Capin, Mardelyn Barrogo, Arlene Dulay, and Kristine Frago also graced the event, aimed at sustaining quality assurance through hybrid assessments in the current educational landscape.

The three-day forum delved into crucial topics, including the pivotal role of quality assurance in internationalizing higher education institutions. Discussions centered on fostering a culture of quality assurance that aligns with global standards and addressing challenges in crafting new assessment tools for programs and institutions in higher education.

The active participation of ASCOT personnel in such gatherings contributes to the institution’s aspiration to become a university in the future. Their engagement underscores ASCOT’s commitment to continuous improvement and alignment with international standards, essential elements in elevating the institution’s academic standing.