The Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) was given the Outstanding Partner in Statistical Advocacy Award from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) on September 29, 2023.

The award, a highlight of the PSA’s 10th Anniversary celebration in Baler, Aurora, was gratefully accepted by ASCOT’s VP for Administration, Planning and Finance, Michelle A. Resueño and Mr. Dale Lyko Abion from the MIS team, representing OIC President Lora L. Yusi.

VP Michelle Resueño highlighted the award’s impact, saying, “This recognition motivates us for more partnerships. We believe in better opportunities ahead. We’re not just serving our clients; we’re partners in achieving our institution’s goals.”

Aligned with the PSA’s 10th anniversary theme, “Providing Quality Services through Digital Transformation,” ASCOT’s dedication shows in maintaining updated profiles, submitting necessary documents, and active participation in meetings.

Expressing gratitude, Mr. Ferdinand E. Santiago, PSA OIC Supervising Statistical Specialist, stated, “We appreciate ‘yung tulong niyo. Ever since, very supportive kayo sa aming mga activities. Continue supporting us in our undertakings and activities.”

In summary, ASCOT’s commitment to excellence in statistical advocacy stands as a testament to its dedication to community service and educational distinction. The award signifies not just past achievements but a bright path to future success.