ASCOT Orientation Program
ASCOT Orientation Program

The General Orientation Program held last June 17, 2013 marks the successful opening of SY 2013-2014.

The event was filled with welcome messages from the College President, Dr. Eusebio V. Angara and from Mr. Gerardo S. Rillon, Vice President for Administration while Prof. Eriberto C. Rivera provided the opening remarks to formally welcome the members of Class 2017.

The members of the ASCOT faculty and staff where first introduced to familiarize the newest ASCOTIAN with the College officials, school personnel and with their respective Instructors.

An Orientation for the Academic Programs was conducted to familiarize the new students to the academic policies, rules and regulations of the College. The Department Directors also provided the new students with a sneak peak on the activities, programs, challenges, future avenues and what life awaits them being part of the different Departments.

On the other hand, Student Services was also discussed to address the common issues First Year students encounter and to highlight the resources and services they can utilize during their stay in the College.

Also, the Student Publication and the Supreme College Student Council was given the opportunity to present their organization, the services they offer and to encourage the new students to join and actively participate in the different activities of the College.

In addition, separate orientations per Department was also set and facilitated by the different student organizations
on the 18th, 19th and 20th of June to welcome and integrate the new members into their respective Departments.

The occasions also served as the venue for the Academic Directors to discuss in details with them the mission and vision, rules, policies and regulations of the Department including the curriculum, course requirements and the admission and retention policies of their program.

Across the three campuses, official figures showed 2449 students are enrolled this semester a record up from last year’s 2402 enrollees. (CPanlilio)