ASCOT Softball team winning Silver in SCUAA 2016

Aurora State College of Technology successfully held its college’s first ever “Awarding of Incentives & Certificates to SCUAA Awardees Ceremony” last February 27, 2016 at ASCOT GYM Baler, Aurora. This is to to salute the heroes of Aurora State College of Technology who fought whole heartedly in the olympic battle, State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) held last December at Pampanga Agricultural State University, Magalang, Pampanga.

The program which commenced  3:00 pm of the afternoon was opened by Mr. Conrad P. Mendizabal, College Sports Coordinator. President Doracie B. Zoleta-Nantes, on the other hand shared inspiring messages to the participants, specially the athlete. She was quoted saying, “That one long week we were together is one of those that I consider as the Happiest week as a member of ASCOT. I felt like we really are a family.”

She further discussed the programs that the college is doing to enhance the Sports Program of the College. Few of the mentioned projects are, a Varsity program that will be given proper support to make the athletes more competitive and a sports stadium that is envisioned to be a solid training ground for them. She ended her message by crediting the althletes, coaches, and all the persons who worked hand-in-hand for the memorable SCUAA 2015.

Highlight of the event is the giving of Certificates to Players, Coaches and Trainers. Awardees are also given Monetary incentive.

The ceremony hosted by Von Gerald D. Macose was concluded by an inspiring message from the College OSS Director,  Maam Alma S. Bayudan,