Grade 12 Senior High School Students of ASCOT celebrated Entrepreneurial Fair 2020 spearheaded as a requirement on their subject Entrepreneurship on February 13-14, 2020 at ASCOT General Education Building. As a developing country, entrepreneurship has contributed significantly to our national economic growth and in the development of our society at large.

The program started with a prayer given by Ms. Jayvie Ballatong, one of the Entrepreneurship teachers, followed by an Opening Remarks of Mr. Jeffrey Susada another Entrepreneurship teacher and next was the introduction of the evaluators. This year’s celebration was composed of five judges from Hospitality Management Department they were Ms. Alyssa Kuizon, Ms. Roanne Licay, Ms. Rolet Cristal Mendoza, Mr. Emmanuel Susada Jr. and Mr. Jester Leander. After that was the formal opening of the Entrepreneurial Fair led by Ms. Krisel Picart.

This event aims to showcase their talents and skills on how they can earn money from scratch. They were tasked to come up to their own stall wherein they sell products or they can render different services. In relation to this, they can learn how to manage their own business and how to solve when problem arises. These were the true learnings of Entrepreneurship they need to experience the real-life scenario so that they can adapt and apply it in the near future. Eentrepreneurs think differently than non-entrepreneurs and we hope that our students will be more considerate with people around them; that they will try to become a better person, a better Filipino.