The Aurora State College of Technology’s Radio Drama Team, “Team Alun,” who won the 3rd runner-up spot in the recently concluded CAASUC 3 Culture and the Arts Festival 2022, served as our guests for today’s episode of ASCOT ‘TO (Todo-Todo) at 92.1 FM RTV Baler!

In our program’s Episode 51 (Team Alun in the House), the team, consisting of its members namely, Jarno Suaverdez, Torin Castro, Divine Paulino, Princess Necessito, Grace Camacho, Mark Fernandez, Ice Calderon, and Jerome Mosada, together with their coaches, Ms. Diana Rose Amazona and Mr. Eliseo Joseph Nakar, shared with our listeners the story behind this experience and victory for the team.

They also reminisced about the preparations and challenges they faced during the preparation for the contest. The team also informed us about their experience during the day of their competition and how they felt after knowing that they were included in the Top 5 winners.

The team also performed some of their favorite lines, whose messages captured the hearts of their listeners.

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