The Director of our College’s Socio-Cultural Affairs Office, Dr. Jay M. Amon, served as our guest for today’s episode of ASCOT ‘TO (Todo-Todo) at 92.1 FM RTV Baler!

In our program’s Episode 47, entitled “Power!” Dr. Amon shared with our listeners the main objectives of the Socio-Cultural Affairs Office, the College’s office responsible for the enrichment and development of ASCOTians’ talents in showcasing our country’s culture and arts.

Our guest also discussed how the said office has developed through the years, starting from its creation until now. He also stressed the various activities inside and outside the College initiated by the SCA in connection with its mission.

One of the highlights of today’s episode is the announcement of the CAASUC 2022 contests and coaches, which will be held at Tarlac State University in November.He discussed how students can participate in this competition and what their benefits will be for doing so.