ASCOT | Feature

We had a super jam-packed and inspiring episode yesterday, which is also considered one of the milestones for our program!

Our College’s four new Magna Cum Laudes for the Graduating Class of 2022, namely Mariela M. Farro and Jonalyn B. Pineda, from the BIT-FT, Joyce Ann Ginelle C. Torrano, from BSHM; and Ashlie A. Tagle, from BSF, served as our guests for today’s episode of ASCOT ‘TO (Todo-Todo) at 92.1 FM RTV Baler!

We are also very grateful and privileged to have an exclusive interview with one of the Commissioners from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), who is also the Guest of Honor and Commencement Speaker for this year’s graduation rites, Commissioner Ronald L. Adamat, Ph.D.

In our program’s Episode 34, entitled “Nandito na Tayo sa Exciting Part: ASCOT 34th Commencement Exercises Special Episode,” our four Magna Cum Laudes shared their stories of challenges, hope, and victory in their lives as students. They inspired our listeners by sharing how they overcame obstacles in their academic journeys, particularly the new normal education brought about by the pandemic.They also shared some useful tips for our listeners on effectively dealing with their studies and education.

On the other hand, Commissioner Adamat stressed the importance of including culture and peace to effectively deliver education to the youth, especially to the students, which are two of his main advocacies in the Commission. He also shared with us the story behind the award he received—the Mahatma MK Gandhi Prize for Non-Violent Peace 2020 for his excellent contribution to promoting peace education, making him the first Filipino to receive the said award.

In addition, Commissioner Adamat expressed his bright vision for the ASCOT that we are now already on the path of giving more opportunities and the brightest possible future to the youths of Aurora through the College’s aim of becoming a university with the cooperation and competitiveness of its faculty members, together with the very effective leadership of our key College officials.

The video of our program’s full interview with Commissioner Adamat will be posted here on our official Facebook Page!