A year since the pandemic, a lot has changed. We are all still trying to navigate life during these uncertain times. We are all still adjusting. A year ago, we thought that the lockdown is only for two weeks, but weeks turn into months, and months, and so on.

We’ve seen a significant shift in the way education is provided because of the pandemic. Due to the high number of cases in most parts of the world, traditional face-to-face communication is still impossible. As a result, we continue to use other learning delivery modalities.

Several learning modalities, such as modular distance learning and online distance learning, were adapted in ASCOT. The majority of us are inexperienced with these types of modes. Regardless, we rise to the challenge.

The Education Department of ASCOT has organized a Webinar Series on the Different Learning Modalities in the New Normal. These aim to help educators cope up with the needs of this time. There would be a webinar via Zoom and Facebook Live for four consecutive Fridays (April 23 – May 14). The webinars are from 1-3 pm. There are four topics for the Webinar Series:

  • Distance Learning Under the New Normal and the Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELC) by Eduardo P. Ducha, Education Program Supervisor;
  • The Use of Technology in the New Normal Education by Richard C. Paragas, Elementary School Teacher;
  • Online Assessment: Identifying Lower Order Thinking Skills and Higher Order Thinking Skills in Objective-typed Tests by Jocelyn H Diaz, DEM, Associate Professor V; and
  • Coping Up with the Dilemma of Teaching and Learning in the New Normal by Rowel G. Olila, EdD, Assistant Professor I.

Education students also participated by commenting on their queries during the webinar. All of the speakers were able to elaborate on their topic. Also, they used their expert power to impart what they know to those who have attended. Those who missed the live seminar need not worry because the video is on the ASCOT Education Department page.