Director of Distance and Online Learning, Don Sean Arvie Valenzuela Buencamino was recognized by the Committee on Dangal ng Bayan Award as a Dangal ng Bayan Award Semi-finalist in the 2021 Search for Outstanding Government Workers. The certificate was issued at the Civil Service Commission, Constitution Hill, Quezon City, on the 30th day of September 2021. A virtual ceremony was held.

Director Buencamino has contributed tons to ASCOT, thus his recognition as a Dangal ng Bayan Award Semi-finalist was not a surprise. He developed the ASCOT Human Resource Information System (AHRIS) in 2017. He rose to the occasion during the pandemic as he started developing the Barangay Information Management System (BIMS).

This BIMS features three phases of development and deployment: (1) establishing of barangay resident information such as resident profile, issuances of clearances and letters, (2) establishing health management which includes resident monitoring, vaccines, and medicines, and short messaging services, and (3) consolidation system for LGUs (LIMs) which comprises of monitoring at LGU level

The list of his accomplishments continues. In June 2020, he developed the ASCOT Online Entrance Exam System (ASCOT OEES) to make it easier for students to take the college entrance exam. He helped the Extension and Training Services Offices to have their information system that will be used to compile the conducted training and seminars of different units of ASCOT. This is made possible by developing the ASCOT-Certificate Management System (CMS). He further introduced the system on Online Accreditation of the AACCUP, wherein the files are uploaded and viewed through the system.

As of this writing, he is currently in the development of the ASCOT electronic GAD Information System. The college congratulated Director Buencamino. The ASCOT community celebrates with him.