Planning Workshop 2015
Planning Workshop 2015

With the theme, “Deliberation of Viable and Practicable Plans to Address the Colleges Immediate and Long-term Needs”, Aurora State College of Technology recently held its Planning Workshop for 2016 at the Convention Hall, ASCOT Bazal Campus, Baler, Aurora last August 27-28, 2015.

The two-day workshop aimed at setting the direction of the college for the next five years was participated by all the Faculty and Staff of the College. Among the presenters were the College President, Dr. Doracie B. Zoleta-Nantes, and VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Evi Q. Fontanos, who both presented and discussed updates for the Administrative and Academic Affairs. The Planning Officer, Dr. Oscar C. Barawid presented the ASCOT Institutional Development Plan for 2016-2021. Infrastructure with Site Development Plan for Bazal, Casiguran and Zabali Campus, and programs for the Academic Affairs, Administration and Research and Extension where the highlights of his presentation.

The next day served as the planning workshop proper where participants were divided into four groups: the Academic Affairs group led by Dr. Evi Q. Fontanos, the Administration group led by Dr. Gerardo S. Rillon, the Research group led by Dr. Eutiquio L. Rotaquio, Jr. and the Extension and Training group led by Dr. Jonah G. Zante.

After hours of thorough discussion and exchanged of opinions and ideas, each group were able to formulate their strategic development plan that includes mission and vision statement, core values, goals, action steps, assignment of responsibility, organizational structure, resources assessments, timeline for implementation, strategic
partnership and collaboration, and evaluation mechanisms and measures of success. Output Presentations were held in the afternoon. Prof. Antonio D. Bolivar discussed in detail the the Higher Education Developlment Plan. Mrs. Zenaida A. Exclamado presented the output of the Administration Group, they came up with an acronym ASCOT in their core values which stands for Accountability, Service, Commitment, Output oriented and Transparency. For the Research Office, Dr. Eutiquio L. Rotaquio Jr. interestingly presented the external development trends and internal environment which were important points of consideration in conducting projects and researches. Dr. Jonah G.
Zante presented the Extension and Training Office Development Plan wherein she also mentioned about the new learning and new practices in NSTP in relation to Extension.

The Budget Officer, Mrs. Melita M. Amatorio, also presented the guidelines on the Grant of Performance Based Bonus for 2015, its new features, eligibility criteria for SUC performance targets, proposal outline of operations manual, new performance targets and new good governance conditions for FY 2015.

Open forum immediately followed after the presentations where clarifications and suggestions were heard and addressed.Dr. Nantes, commended everyones effort for bearing with everything to bear. She also suggested everyone to come up with definite action steps with projected date of completion, undertake research trainings, and provide monitoring tools to measure achievement of goals and success with focus on value orientation.To conclude the activity, she asked the participants for their statement of commitment on undertaking the formulated plans, which was responded by a loud YES from the body.

The program ended with a closing remark given by Engr. Loreto H. Barrogo.