February 26, 2024- The Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) Socio Cultural Affairs Unit and School of Arts and Sciences hosted the Sining Bilang Lunan ng Pagbalikwas: Zine Making Workshop in celebration of National Arts Month 2024.

Joshua D. Dela Cruz, Director of the Socio-Cultural Affairs Unit, highlighted the significance of art in our daily lives and expressed anticipation for the event’s impact not only on the attendees but also on the ASCOT community.

One of the resource speakers is Ms. Chezka Mayne C. Angara from the University of the Philippines, delivered an insightful talk on the state of culture in the arts and the role of Filipino youth artists.

Following Ms. Angara’s presentation, Mr. Niko Dolar, an artist-activist, writer, musician, and literary critic from the University of the Philippines as well, facilitated a lively discussion on zine and the art of zine-making. Zines (short for fanzines or magazines) and pronounced ‘zeen’ are small, independently-produced publications. This is typically created by a single person or a small group of people and is often photocopied and distributed by hand or through the mail.

In celebrating National Arts Month 2024, ASCOT not only honored the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines but also empowered the next generation of artists to continue pushing boundaries and shaping the future of Filipino arts and culture.

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Photo courtesy of ASCOT Socio Cultural Affairs