Celebrating 43 Years of Dedication and Impact

September 15, 2023- Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) gathered in a heartfelt celebration to honor the extraordinary career of Maria Lucia A. Ramos, affectionately known as Ma’am Rose, the retired Chief of the Human Resource Management Unit. The event, aptly named ‘It’s Time to HR-aise a Glass to Ma’am Rose’s HR-Mazing Career,’ was a delightful blend of tears and laughter as ASCOT commemorated her profound and enduring influence.

The program, meticulously organized by members of the unit she had dedicated herself to- the HR Unit and the ASCOT Non-teaching Personnel, began with Administrative Officer IV, Ms. Julie G. Friginal, setting the tone. Ma’am Julie highlighted Ma’am Rose’s invaluable contributions and the countless lives she touched during her remarkable 43-year career, with an impressive 27 years devoted to ASCOT.
Vice President Michelle A. Resueño delivered an inspiring message, emphasizing Ma’am Rose’s unwavering dedication and her pivotal role in guiding ASCOT throughout the years. VP Resueño proudly stated, “She is ASCOT’s legacy. Right from the beginning, she held ASCOT together. She tirelessly researched HR policies, ensuring compliance with CSC rulings and legal bases. Thanks to her, ASCOT became an HR Prime-Bronze awardee.”

Colleagues Dr. Gerardo Rillon, Chief Administrative Officer and Cynthia D. Macose, Supervising Administrative Officer, followed with heartfelt messages, portraying Ma’am Rose not only as an exemplary professional who has contributed to the college, but also as a cherished friend. Dr. Rillon, fondly said, “Farewell Ate Rose. We wish you a happy retirement life with your family. According to a Tibetan monk, let these be your guiding principles – eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love without measure. His parting words were “Let this tribute remind us that as we go on with our organizational journey, we have to treat people with fairness and respect. These are the same people we will meet when we retire or step down the organizational ladder.”

Messages of gratitude and admiration poured in from Ma’am Rose’s colleagues and staff, underscoring the profound impact she had on the ASCOT community, leaving a lasting impression, both personally and professionally.

The ceremony reached a delightful high point with the certificate presentation, symbolizing ASCOT’s deep appreciation for her unwavering commitment and service. Board Secretary V, Joseph Gonzales, humorously quipped, “Dahil graduate na siya, bibigyan natin siya ng diploma.” He playfully added that Ma’am Rose was also a former university pageant titleholder!

Ma’am Rose’s family, including her husband, two children, and a son-in-law, graced the occasion and expressed their heartfelt gratitude, acknowledging the unwavering support she received throughout her distinguished career. In a lighthearted moment, her husband, Mr. Rolando Ramos expressed, “In the past, work was her top priority, pero ngayon, solong-solo ko na siya.”

A Walk Down Memory Lane & Ma’am Rose’s Grateful Farewell

Before delivering her heartfelt message, the ASCOT Information Unit thoughtfully prepared a touching audio-video presentation featuring snapshots from Ma’am Rose’s early days at ASCOT, evoking nostalgia and warm smiles.

In a poignant moment, Ma’am Rose took the microphone to express her gratitude, humbly acknowledging the love and appreciation she felt from the ASCOT family. She revealed, “Nung nakita ko ‘yung program [dedicated to me], it finally sank in that I am no longer a part of ASCOT.” She also shared personal anecdotes, including the memorable experience of drafting her own appointment, highlighting the deep bonds she had formed with her ASCOT family over the years.

A Lasting Legacy: HR-Mazing Career

The tribute program served as a testament to how Ma’am Rose had not only significantly contributed to ASCOT’s growth but had also become an integral part of the ASCOT family. Her “HR-Mazing Career” leaves behind a legacy of dedication, professionalism, and warmth that will continue to inspire ASCOT for generations to come.