September 4, 2023- Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) welcomed a new era of leadership as OIC President Lora L. Yusi assumed her role. With a clear vision and a determined spirit , she brings new ideas and hopes to make the college even better.

A Vision for Program Compliance

OIC President Yusi wasted no time in assessing the status of ASCOT’s respective programs. “We must accurately assess our current position before taking the necessary steps forward,” she stated.

She emphasized the importance of maintaining excellence and relevance in education, highlighting the need for immediate action where necessary. She pledged to address any deficiencies promptly.

Collaboration with Education Supervisors

Joining President Yusi were Education supervisors, who accompanied her to assess ASCOT’s compliance with CHED standards. Their presence underlined the commitment to maintaining quality education within the institution. She stated, “We welcome their insights and recommendations to fast-track any remaining compliances.”

Her pragmatic approach reflects her dedication to making tangible improvements at ASCOT.

Faculty Lineup and Educational Advancements

One of the significant focuses of her first day was the faculty lineup. She announced an existing policy requiring all faculty members to possess master’s degrees, and urging them to pursue further studies, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of their fields.

Empowering the Student Community

In a heartening announcement, President Yusi revealed available scholarships to the neediest students. Five to nine students, considered the “poorest of the poor,” will receive allowances from their third year to their fourth year. This initiative reflects her commitment to ensuring that no deserving student is left behind.

Addressing Automation and Registrar Concerns

Looking ahead, Yusi highlighted concerns related to automation, particularly in the registrar’s office. She identified the need to modernize processes, including digitizing filing cabinets and document scanning. These changes will enhance efficiency and streamline administrative tasks.

Expanding Course Offerings

Finally, President Yusi encouraged the ASCOT community to explore and apply for courses that can be offered. “We are open to innovation and growth. Let’s explore new opportunities to expand our educational offerings,” she urged, emphasizing that this expansion is also part of the journey toward universityhood.

In closing, President Yusi called for a cheerful and engaging exercise in addressing ASCOT’s concerns. She reassured the ASCOT community that the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) stands ready to assist. “At the end of the day, bumabangion tayo para sa estudyante ng ASCOT. Gusto pa natin sila matulungan ng mas marami.”

As OIC President Yusi embarks on her ASCOT journey, her commitment to ensuring a seamless transition aligns with key pillars: compliance, innovation, and student empowerment. These principles will steer ASCOT towards unprecedented achievements until the appointment of its 6th president.

ASCOT OIC President Yusi’s Technical Division Team from the regional office is composed of Education Supervisors II, Dr. Jarent Tayag, Francis de Guzman, Dr. Rowel Anicas and Maricris David, Education Program Specialist II.

Photo Credits to:
ASCOT Former President Eutiquio L. Rotaquio, Jr., PhD
Don Sean Arvie V. Buencamino