ASCOT-AMRDI Scuba Divers
ASCOT-AMRDI Scuba Divers

To equip the researchers with the proper skills and expertise in the field, AMRDI staff geared up for a two week SCUBA training, April 7 – 20, 2013.

The training was handled by National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) instructor Mr. Homer Hernandez and the trainees include the five (5) Research and Development Assistants of the Marine Ecosystem and Biodiversity: Flora and Fauna Component and ASCOT Research Director and acting Project Management Officer (PMO) Dr. Eutiquio Rotaquio Jr.

The course included a lecture series which discussed the course objective, history of diving, gear management and principles behind SCUBA diving. Also present in the lecture series were the AMRDI staff and ASCOT staff.

Pool sessions were also part of the training course. The sessions were held at the NIA dam in San Luis, Aurora to prepare the trainees with different skills before the open water dives.

Aside from a final written examination, the diver hopefuls also had to pass the open water dives. A minimum of four dives was required and they also needed to perform all the skills they have learned from the pool sessions before becoming certified divers.

Open water diving
Open water diving

After a series of lectures and exam, pool sessions and rigorous open water dives, six AMRDI staffs are now certified divers and ready to serve and protect the coastal and marine resource of the province. (KTOlivar)

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